Wind River Lawman by Lindsay McKenna

September 12, 2018
Normally I like this series, but Wind River Lawman fell a bit flat for me. There is a sameness to this series that makes it difficult for me to tell one book from another. I remember the good ol' days when a McKenna book meant exciting reading, but now ... not so much. 

Sarah is a character who I've been looking forward to receiving her own book, so maybe too much anticipation is what killed it. My first complaint is the use of "Lawman" and it doesn't even refer to Sarah, who is the real law person. Sarah is a woman, and I felt like the events in the book just led to the man having to come in and save her (hence the use of Lawman). The romance felt very quick and Dawson's character felt sort of cheesy. I still love Sarah, though. She is a great character, and I have to admit that Dawson grew on me as the book progressed. I loved Sarah's feisty grandmother and thought she was a great addition to the story.

Wind River Lawman
Wind River Valley
Lindsay McKenna
Contemporary Romance
August 28, 2018

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